Conspired with Less Responsibility? — electric skateboards distributor Airwheel

13 Jan

13, January 2016: The technologies and products designs from Airwheel have amazed people again and again. Airwheel has never given up its dream of integrating the intelligence technologies into its electric scooters. Every time Airwheel introduced its new products, the intelligent functions are always the important points in the introduction. It seems that Airwheel has spent too efforts to enriching the functions of its products. But does that mean Airwheel is not responsible, because it only wants to make its products attracting with multi functions rather than design and develop well in each function people need? Is Airwheel really the one with great power, conspired with less responsibility?


It’s true that Airwheel has surprised people again and again in its product release. For instance, Airwheel M3 electric skateboards are designed basing on the traditional skateboards. The vehicle body of M3 is not larger than traditional ones, but Airwheel has installed ally vehicle modules that make M3 the electric and intelligent vehicles. Moreover, Airwheel has changed the way riders control M3’s remote control with which riders only need to move one finger to move towards different directions. Airwheel S6 and Airwheel A3 are all revolutionary sitting-posture intelligent scooters. A3 are typically designed for female riders who love pretty vehicles. Airwheel S6 electric scooters are the vehicles designed to free people hands—riders only need to sit on the seats and their hands are free to do other affairs.


But these functions are just the improvements Airwheel achieved basing on the great performances of its products. All Airwheel electric scooters can shoulder 100 kg burden with the speed of 18km/h. The operating system of Airwheel intelligent vehicles can accurately respond riders’ commands within 0.03 second. The high-quality vehicle units and reasonable structures of Airwheel vehicles make the whole vehicles efficient—Airwheel products can cover 100km range with only 1 kWh. All core functions are all well developed by Airwheel.

So, what is the answer for the beginning question?

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