People get up during television advertisements to go to the refrigerator for a beverage. People thumb past magazine ads looking for the continuation of an interesting article. Let's face it; the more advertising there is the more likely people are to simply tune it out. How many times have you visited a web page and read the informative text in the center while simply ignoring the advertisements and links along the left and right edges? Studies suggest that this impression is backed up by actual fact; people are more likely to click on links embedded in the text they are reading than they are to click on links along the edges. Contextual link building is a sophisticated way to sidestep the limitations of more traditional web links and advertisements and capitalize on the way that people are actually using websites.

In contextual links, articles are created for display on websites other than your own. However, rather than have the relevant links at the bottom or with the author's name, the relevant contextual links are embedded right in the article text itself. The reader cannot ignore the links, because contextual links are a part of the very text the reader wants! This concept relies on the fact that the article containing the contextual links is one which the reader actually wants to read. It is therefore critical that the task of creating these articles be given to a professional.

The professional website promotion team at offers a contextual link building service which takes the burden of preparing and submitting such articles off the shoulders of the harried business person. For contextual links to work, the article must be of good quality, so a team of skilled writers must be available. The article must also be matched to the correct website. The best article on knitting might not be read if placed on a website for motorcycle enthusiasts. This sort of matching cannot be done by some automated software. Human web experts must tailor the article and the placement in harmony for the contextual links to work.

By definition, a contextual link is simply one embedded in the main body of the web page text rather than in the ads or navigation bars. But the professionals at go even one better. When you buy contextual links through their organization, they guarantee that your links in the article will be the only ones on the page. There will be no distractions from your links as there might be with other more traditional link placement techniques.

Once in place, the contextual links provide a springboard for building even more web traffic. Providing other links which send potential customers to the article is yet another way to bring them, ultimately, to your website. Many links are out there to bring the customer to the article; once there the contextual links bring them to your website itself. Contextual links are also regarded well by search engines, which place a greater value on contextual links than on ancillary links elsewhere on the web page.

Buying contextual links can give your website the edge over other sites which are merely paying for old-fashioned ads. offers professional search engine optimization services that can be tailored to meet your specific needs and budget. To find out more about our contextual link and in context links please visit us at

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