This is a quick tutorial about how to convert music videos bought from Zune marketplace to plain mp3 avi mp4 format.

Before we start, let's take a quick look at some glossaries from Zune Marketplace.

Zune Marketplace ““ is an online service that provides music Movie (including DRM-ed and DRM-free music videos) and podcasts for your Zune player.

convert Zune marketplace protected music videos to mp3 avi mp4

Zune Pass - is your unlimited access ticket to Microsoft's Marketplace. By buying a Zune Pass you may download as many songs, movies, games, from the Zune Marketplace as you can handle. The Zune Pass is $14.99 PER MONTH.

DRM ““ Music (DRM-restricted WMA format) or Video(DRM WMV format) downloaded through Zune Marketplace cannot be played on other mp3 mp4 players like iPod, Blackberry, PSP, etc but Zune devices. They can be played on up to 3 PC's and 3 Zune's for as long as you're a subscriber, and If you cancel your Microsoft Zune Pass subscription then you will lose every single song, every movie, every game you downloaded from the Microsoft Marketplace and transferred to your Zune.

This DRM license protection will also prevent your converting Music Video from Zune marketplace to MP3 AVI MP4 MPEG FLV, etc with common Video Converter, this is ridiculous, and don't you think so?

Is there a way we can remove Zune Marketplace DRM protection and convert it without limitation, now let's go to next part ““ the near perfect DRM Removal Software will lead you simple steps to convert Zune marketplace Music Video to MP3 AVI MP4 MPEG FLV, etc.

The Tool we need is Daniusoft Media Converter Ultimate - a professional DRM removal and media converter that can strip DRM from almost DRM protected files, plus, it’s integrated with DVD Ripper, Video Converter and more.

Daniusoft Media Converter Ultimate - convert Zune marketplace protected music videos to mp3 avi mp4 format

Firstly download Daniusoft Media Converter Ultimate, and then go through the following steps.

Step 1, Import files

Daniusoft Media Converter Ultimate fully supports songs music videos purchased from Zune Marketplace. Select 'add files' from triangle beside 'add video' to load files

Step 2, Choose output format

Select output Audio files to MP3 from lower left corner if you want to convert songs from Zune marketplace to MP3.

Or Select output Video files to MP4, AVI, etc format from lower middle corner if you want to Convert Zune Marketplace videos to AVI, MP4, MPEG, WMV and other video format.

Step3, Start converting

Click "Start" button to began to remove Zune DRM and convert Zune Marketplace Music Video to MP3 AVI WMV MP4,etc

Finally after all these steps finished, you can get DRM-free Music Video from Zune Marketplace in your favorite format and play it without limitation, any players, anywhere, anytime!

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