Brian, head of and who made today’s announcement, says whether people applying for this card have bad credit, no credit or low score, the Horizon Gold Card comes with the following features and benefits:

- Guaranteed approval
- no credit check
- fast online application
- no employment check
- reports to Major Bureau

“Bad credit is usually a factor that prevents people from being approved for a new credit card. However, this is not so with our new Horizon Gold Card. If you got bad credit, no worries, you’ll be approved without any hassle,” says the spokesperson.

“Further details and access to the new Horizon Gold Card can be had at,” says the spokesperson, who adds that more than reasonable efforts are made to maintain the sites accurate information. Therefore, banks, issuers, and credit card companies do not endorse or guarantee, and are not responsible for, the contents of the site.

As a one-stop-shop for all kinds of credit card facility, has today grown to be one of the most visited sites for credit card related articles offering advice and guidance about credit cards and credit.

“One of the beauty of the Horizon Gold Card facility,” according to the spokesperson, “has to do with is no credit, bad credit policy that enables more people to accessing much needed credit,” says Brian.

He adds that all information and data about card offers carried on the site are presented without warranty and that they recommend the review of all the terms and conditions on the issuer’s official website.

However, people who are trying to build credit and have no credit history or bad credit will particularly find this new Horizon Gold Card attractive.

“People with no credit history or bad credit will benefit from this new card, because they now access to a card that has been designed to meet their particular financial needs. Most importantly, it will give them a chance to build or rebuild their credit rating without having to worry about not getting approved,” explains Brian.

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