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If you were asked what do you need most for surviving? Some will say, oxygen. Some will say love. Some will say company. But the most realistic persons will answer this question with #money. They will say, #money is all you need to survive these days. And this is the truth. You will have oxygen in plenty. No one is taking your portion. You will have your family with you and your love will not be decreased by anything. But money, that can surely be taken by others if you do not take your share. And this is the constituent you need most to survive in the third world.
Money is something what increases if you use it more. When you use your money in some business, it somehow increases more and more. If you just put your money aside, it is going to be decreased after some days. #Money is essential and you need it in every aspects of life. So, if you do not use it wisely, you are going to face severe money problem. So, we all should use our money in such a systematic way so that it increases and do not put us into a chaotic situation.
Our world is so fast now. People are working all day long to earn money. This is a system. People are intelligent. They use their brain to expand their source of money more. And crowd rising is the new sensation through which you can increase your money without any botheration.
Crowd rising is a process through which you can earn a lot of money. Yes, you read it right. You can think, how? Let me explain how!
Crowd rising is something that is similar to donation or taking money from others. It is something like taking help from those who have a lot of money. Usually donations are thought be of a huge amount. But in this case, donations are small. It is such an amount that no one is going to consider this money as burden. People are fast as well as generous this days. They do not mind donating a $10 or some more for helping someone. When it comes to donating $500 or $750, you need a rich guy. But you it comes to $5, $10 or upto $20, everyone can donate. And this is the process of taking the donation. You take a small amount of #money from a lot of people which means at the end of the day you have a decent amount of money in your account.
It must be kept in mind that people are not going to donate you #money without any reason. Which is why you need to create a valid reason so that people will donate willingly even more. You can tell them you need money to rent a house, to study, to buy something new and help other people with money and so on. If you can show them a reason, you will surely get help from them too.

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