(Mass Media Release) Thinking of new, romantic expressions to whisper in the ear of a loved one isn’tan easy task. You want to sound sincere, but perhaps you’re just not good at expressing yourself. For those times and many more, there’s cupidlovequotes.com.

Cupid Love Quotes is a website that maintains a comprehensive list of thousands of love quotes to fit every mood, moment and occasion. Romantic quotes from some of the greatest men and women in history, and of our time, are available on the site. There are quotes from such notables as Albert Einstein, John Lennon, Mother Teresa and William Shakespeare.

“It started out as a small collection of my favorite love quotes and I eventually decided to put them all together on CupidLoveQuotes.com for everyone else to enjoy,“ said Paul Haughney, owner of the website.

There are categories for famous, funny and romantic love quotes, as well as those specifically for him and her. There are inspirational quotes and those for letting go, as well as holidays, quotes from movies and even for heartbreak.

The site provides a Top 10 list of romantic ways to use your quotes, too. The easiest way is with a card. Adding a hand-written love quote to a card shows that you put some time and effort into the gesture. You can also use them as random notes to tuck in a lunchbox, the car, around the house or in a pocket or briefcase. It’s a simple gesture, but one that will be highly appreciated.

Technology has provided additional ways to use a love quote through sound recordings. You can choose to use traditional methods, make an MP3 recording or a video clip to send to your loved one. Mobile devices are a great way to send your message, via text or video clip. You can even email them with a love quote.

Custom printing services has made it a breeze to print a love quote on a shirt, mug, hat, mouse pad or a calendar. There are also services that will engrave whatever you want on acrylic or crystal, creating a lasting keepsake. If you’re good at wrapping, you can even place a quote in a box of individually wrapped candy, then rewrap them, for a chocolate love quote treat.

You might also choose to place your message in a unique frame, or create a scrapbook of love quotes to present to your special loved one. For an all-out effort, create a trail of chocolates that leads to the bedroom, then place a love quote that has meaning to you both in the center of the bed.

You can submit your own quote to the site and sign up to receive a daily love quote. You can also follow the site on a variety of social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Google. Just for fun, the site offers a cupid love calculator to find out if you and your partner are a loving match. Simply enter your full name and the name of your partner and the meter will display your love compatibility.

Love quotes can be used in hundreds of ways, and they’re an effective way to demonstrate how you feel and it makes the recipient feel loved. As Franklin P. Jones said, “Love doesn’tmake the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.“

For more information, visit the website at http://www.cupidlovequotes.com.

Website: http://www.cupidlovequotes.com