Customer Reveals Tea Recipe Through Kitchen Supreme Review

18 Jan

18th January, New York

Kitchen Supreme is a reliable company that focuses on achieving complete customer satisfaction. As a result, reviews and feedback are the core of the business. Kitchen Supreme takes all reactions coming from customers seriously, making various improvements when these are necessary. Customer David Alan Marinelli, more than satisfied with the purchase made decided to share one of his famous recipes with Kitchen Supreme and its customers.

Kitchen Supreme was glad to see that the French press had such a huge impact on customers, and because the customer’s gesture revealed a message the company needed to hear. Even though customers are satisfied with the purchase, it is absolutely refreshing to read a positive feedback, confirming that the coffee press is exactly what the customers need to enjoy their daily rituals.

David Alan Marinelli has made a step further, delivering a message that surprised the company, in a positive manner of course. The customer, highly satisfied with the purchase made, provided the company with details regarding a tea recipe that can be made with the French Press coffee maker. The customer also stated that “A French press works great for straining. I use a triple screen model by Kitchen Supreme that I bought on Amazon, currently $27.84 with Amazon Prime”.

David Marinelli’s response is much appreciated confirmation and every time such a message is received, Kitchen Supreme feels that goals can be achieved through hard work and dedication.

About the product

Kitchen Supreme coffee maker is a reliable product, appreciated by both coffee and tea lovers in equal measure. The system used to make the French press coffee is simple and effective. The coffee press has four different filters and these can be used according with the customer’s preferences. Furthermore, the package contains several interesting bonus products, such as a scoop for adequate coffee measuring and a spoon with an interesting design. The French press also a lovely design and makes an interesting addition for all kitchens.

About the company

Kitchen Supreme is a trustworthy company. This is a small family business that is based in the US and has been operating on the ecommerce market for a long time now. Products are sold through dedicated websites such as Furthermore, this company offers professional customer service and the team working there will offer customers all the answers they might be needing.

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