Cydia, an open source app designed to be an alternative for installer application, was made public. The app became one of the biggest apps that evolved into a big appealing app store for people interested in the jailbreak of their devices. This is by far the largest app used on a third-party download.

Cydia comprises hundreds of repos and host repositories that are recognized by Apple users. The largest ones are Hackstore, ModMyi, BigBoss, Sinful iPhone, Insanelyi and Xsellize. Cydia also has a wide range of different customization functions to further change the appearance of all iDevices. Users are able to enjoy the many available options with functionalities that are not typically provided by Apple.

To fulfill Cydia’s transformation function on iOS into Ios7 of Cydia, there are must-have packages that it provides to users such as MacCiti repo with free offer, Ios 7 iPhone Theme with a remarkable icon set;  MacCiti repo free app, Ios 7 Bars & Battery that has signal strength and great battery icons; BigBoss repo which offers BlurriedNC Background that can replace Ios 6 linen background with Gaussian background available for free; BigBoss that offers App Switcher replica, CardSwitcher; with minimal lock screen, Thin Lockscreen; BigBoss with FoldEnhancer that stimulates folders; BigBoss with an old-favorite, Auxo that has more features than the Control Center; repo/ with free app, DeepEnd that stimulates tilting icons on Ios 7; Cydia with Roboto Light plus BytaFont that is the same with the Ios 7 default.

Cydia, as an application software used for iOS provides assistance to users in installing various software packages related on the jail broken iOS for Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, as such. This is believed to be optional application software for devices to search and install for extra applications that are not found in the Apple App Store.

It is expected that Cydia will provide users the chance to customize their hand-held devices and appearance with the options available and functionalities.

Cydia is a digital distribution platform that is exclusively made for the software applications and programs, offered for free and on purchase and developed by Jay Freeman in 2012 and is mainly available in various languages like French, English, Greek, Spanish, and Italian. 

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