Deer Park Based Shield Garage Door Repair Offers Free Site Checkup

31 Mar

Deer Park, TX - In a bid to bring in more transparency in their garage door repair costing process, Shield Garage Door Repair, a Deer Park, TX based garage door repair service provider recently announced that they will inspect and check up every garage door before embarking on any repair project. The owners of the Deer Park based garage door repair service provider told the press that they want to let their prospective customers know about the costs of garage door repair services in advance and also want to measure the garage doors before moving to the actual part of the job. The Deer Park garage door repair service provider now let its prospective customers use an online form to request a free checkup.

The owners of Shield Garage Door Repair said that the free checkup and site visit comes with no obligation, which means that the owners of the garage doors may or may not opt for their paid services. They said that customers can now get a chance to compare the cost of garage door repair services which they offer with the cost proposed by other providers in the region. The owners of the Deer park garage door repair service provider think that this will translate into more flexibility and more freedom to choose providers for their end users.

One of the co-founders of the service provider said that they are now offering competitive pricing on garage door repair in Deer Park TX . He said that the introduction of the free checkup services would generate awareness about their brand and their services in a wider section of residents and business owners of the area.

While speaking to a fraction of the local press, the co-founder said that their aim now is to bring more convenience and transparency for their customers. “We have started offering free and no-obligation checkup and site visit for two reasons. First off, we want to do a feasibility study and measure the garage doors. Secondly, we want to keep our potential customers in the loop sothey can take educated decisions”, he told.

About the Company

Shield Garage Door Repair is a garage door repair service provider in Deer Park, TX.

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