Dental websites can help potential patients develop â€Ëœtrustâ€â„¢ and â€Ëœconfidenceâ€â„¢, without even meeting the dentist. The dental clinic is marketing 24/7 through a website. If a practice environment and its technology look outdated, patients will lose confidence in their dentists and start to â€Ëœshop aroundâ€â„¢. Similarly, if a dental practice website looks outdated, visitors will lose trust and move on.

Visitors will not enjoy a web site that is out of date – their attention and interest is key in converting them into patient leads. Returning website visitors will be impressed when they notice new content and activity. A website needs to be a true and current reflection of a dental practice. It should emphasize all the dentistâ€â„¢s strengths in a positive and enticing way. That is why we encourage our clients to play a very active role in maintaining and growing their website content i.e. fees, special offers, team updates treatments and testimonials.

Changes to your website are also necessary for improving Google search engine rankings. Google ranks websites based on relevancy for today. Whatâ€â„¢s deemed relevant for today may not be the same next week or next month. Thus, you need to signal to Google that your website is up-to-date by regular changes to your website.

Growing your website pages using a blog publishing platform puts you in control!

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