Website Identity
A successful Internet presence for an aesthetic dental practice would mean that their website is the first point of contact for most new patients. The logo, colour scheme, layout, graphics, photographs and overall look and feel is what creates the website identity.

Having a unique, modern and attractive identity is important in establishing credibility in the art of aesthetics. The website identity should match and flow throughout the entire range of printed stationery, welcome packs, signage and newsletters. Consistency in a professional, aesthetic practice image creates familiarity among patients. Tasteful brand recognition improves trust and credibility.

It is important to have a unique identity on the web because visitors are more than likely to compare multiple websites. It is less likely for potential patients to compare multiple welcome packs or brochures.

Blowing Your Own Trumpet
The website visitor needs to trust the website before making the decision to trust the dentist and dental treatment. If the cosmetic dentist is not a TV celebrity and is unable to show a powerful video clip then a subtle method is to be associated with high standards by displaying achieved logos such as the BDA Good Practice and Investor in People as well as other recognised associations and brands.

It is important to showcase logos for awards like the Website Awards, Dentistry Awards and Private Dentistry Awards to show recognition by the dental profession for best practice.

It is also useful to shout out on the home page what special interests and featured treatments the dental practice offers. Having clear direct links to popular treatment pages from the home page saves the visitor from wasting valuable time trying to find the right page under the Treatments section, especially if the range of treatments is extensive.

Ten tips to remember your website should:
1.) Be attractive, educational and impressive, not boring
2.) Be easily found on through the natural or pay-per-click listings
3.) Increase credibility using dentist profiles and testimonials
4.) Allow you to be contacted easily, especially by email
5.) Have advanced web statistics
6.) Target specific patient profiles and relate to them
7.) Convey your unique selling points quickly and clearly
8.) Appear affordable to the price-conscious web user
9.) Be kept up-to-date and state the date at which fees were last updated
10.) Duplicate these points on top directories, portals and pay-per-click advertising

Dental Focus Web Design works closely with Cathy Johnson Design who establish high quality, unique practice identities and welcome packs, which greatly assist in the design of unique first class website identities. Cathy Johnson Design is able to provide instrumental input into the bespoke layout and graphics of the mutual client’s website.

A close, trusting relationship between the web designers and graphic designers mean that artwork can be both easily shared and discussed to benefit the mutual client’s web design and flash animation which ensures that the site is brought to life without loosing the original, carefully chosen identity.

This allows both parties to start a relationship based on trust, as there is no obligation at this early stage; this allows the website identity to be established and agreed on in advance.

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