Devon based Web Marketing Agency is an SMEs best ally for Excellence

30 Mar

London, UK - Exeters very own Gliddon Cardwell is quickly becoming the online design agency that everyone is talking about.

With the landscape of e-commerce constantly changing, small to medium sized businesses everywhere now have to evolve to get - and grow - online.

Championing this ethos is none other than web design and digital marketing company Gliddon Cardwell - who help today's SME make best use of a limited budget.

Bringing down the barriers to online success, the company is building on its ever growing client base which is largely made up of small businesses.

The agency's solutions ensure that their clients can connect with customers through the medium of an innovative online presence - that professionally presents what they’re offering to their own target markets.

Why people choose Gliddon Cardwell?

With a modus operandi of being flexible enough to handle the needs of smaller organisations, the agency offers each one of them world class online solutions.

What makes the company different is the fact that they couple bespoke web services with lifetime assistance. In doing this they take a brand on the best route to get online and stay online.

While offering exemplary WordPress and alternate CMS solutions they SEO websites to make sure they’re found in search results. By way of priority platform Shopify they get businesses ecommerce ready to make sure sites are making money.

In turn Gliddon Cardwell’s digital branding services complete a full life cycle from develop to deploy to getting paid to online promotion.

Ultimately Gliddon Cardwell make for a better bottom line by simply being Britain’s best boutique web design and marketing agency.

About Gliddon Cardwell

Founded by Jake Gliddon in 2016, Gliddon Cardwell continues to grow from strength to strength. The company's calibre of work has come to the attention of its customers as well as industry notables of the multitude of vertical markets they’re now active in.

Gliddon Cardwell have further plans to bring their bespoke proposition to a global audience - and grow in tandem with each and every client success they execute online.

Media Contact:
Jake Gliddon, Managing Director
Company: Gliddon Cardwell Ltd
Address: 58 Bennett Square, Exeter, Devon, EX4 8AY, UK
Phone: +44139 226 7269
M: +44794 018 5981