(Submit Articles) This Scinet Corporation procedure enables selling and buying in real-time 60 million goods from more than 20 million companies.

Scinet Corporation has expanded its World Trade System with the introduction of an automatic digital certificate procedure for trading. This method, which is unique in the world, will simplify notably the buying and selling operations that take place on a global basis, especially in developing countries.

The World Trade System of Scinet Corporation is an online application that enables access to 60 million trade referrals, of 20 million companies in more than 200 countries, with specific information regarding production, inventories, prices and services. This tool, which is unique in the world, greatly facilitates import and export operations.

With the implementation of digital certificates for trading, the World Trade System of Scinet Corporation will be even more effective. The certificates enable the execution of transactions automatically by means of the reciprocal recognition of stock value. In this way, associated companies are provided with an immediate solution for selling their inventories and obtaining raw materials, products and services in real-time, on a global scale.

Likewise, Scinet will distribute its new digital certificates in developing areas, through the assembly workshops of production mini-plants in mobile containers that it is installing in eleven countries. These plants include all that is needed to begin supplying immediately basic necessity products and services such as water, bread, dairy products, dehydrated food, health care, etc.

Through these plants, Scinet will make radio frequency devices available to the population in the form of a key ring, including therein the digital certificate for trading. The recipients will be able to use them immediately to acquire all kinds of products manufactured in the mini-plants of the company.

As explained by Elizabeth Mamontoff, vice-president of Scinet Corporation, "70% of the world population is poor, that is nearly 4.7 billion people. Nevertheless, according to a recent report of the World Resource Institute (WRI), this group has the purchasing power of more than 3.6 billion euro daily. Without a doubt, they are the major market of the world. Thanks to the digital certificates for trading of Scinet, these people can have easier access to the products and services they need, without having to perform costly and complex transactions."

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