Discount Airport Parking: Sydney’s Cheapest Airport Parking Operator

25 Jan

Sydney, Australia; 25, January 2016: Going to the airport can be both an exciting and stressful prospect. It's exciting because one can soon board a plane to any number of destinations. But, it's stressful because there are many things one must remember to do before they travel. One of those essential tasks is to find somewhere to park their cars!

Discount Airport Parking aims to make all travellers' lives easier. They provide a professional airport parking service that offers good value for money.

Why use Discount Airport Parking?

Public transport is among some of the best in Sydney. But, there are times where disruption and service issues can hamper one's travel plans. Missing a flight can often be fraught with severe consequences. Many of them financial, one must note!

It makes sense to drive to the airport and find somewhere to park so they may continue their journeys. Anyone that has flown from Sydney Airport will know facilities there are rather limited. A solution that many travellers take advantage of is to use Discount Airport Parking.

One concern many airport users have is security. They want to know that their vehicles get kept somewhere safe. With Discount Airport Parking, all cars get kept at their secure compound in Wolli Creek. They even provide a free transfer service to and from the airport.

Another bugbear is cost. Long-term parking facilities provided by airports are notoriously expensive. The good news is that's not the case with Discount Airport Parking. In fact, they offer competitive rates for long-term users. Learn more by visiting

Dead batteries are a thing of the past

There is one unique service that Discount Airport Parking offer. Every few days, they will start the engines of each vehicle in their care. Doing so helps to keep the batteries from going flat. Of course, should the worst happen, they can help customers get jump-started.

Complementary services

At Discount Airport Parking, they don't just offer good value vehicle storage facilities. They can also provide some value-added services too!

If your car seldom gets cleaned, Discount Airport Parking can take care of that for you. They offer a professional vehicle valeting service. Now one can arrive back at Sydney to a car that looks brand new!

Sometimes their clients find they haven't had the time to get their vehicles serviced. The good news is that Discount Airport Parking also offer a car service package.

From just $149, one can have their vehicle serviced, and a full safety check performed. They will even provide a report detailing any issues that might need fixing in the future.

About Discount Airport Parking:

They are a provider of great value airport parking services at Sydney. With a secure compound, customers can rest assured knowing their vehicles are safe. What's more, they offer a range of complementary services.

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