Dollar Fanatic, still America’s Only Exclusively Online One Dollar Store

15 Aug

Dollar Fanatic LLC., aka, is looking over their shoulders a bit after a couple $1 to $5 priced Dollar Stores joined them online; however, at this time, they're still America's only exclusively Online One Dollar Store, and they seem to be embracing it.

Dollar Fanatic LLC., is a Ridge Farm, IL based exclusively online retailer selling a unique range of products for $1.00 through their website at Dollar Fanatic LLC has been looking over their shoulders a bit recently because of a couple New Players taking some market share online. Being an Online One Dollar Store that is growing and trying to carve their name in the massive Dollar Store Industry assures you of one thing, they have very little time to worry about others especially when they're focusing on their own marketing and logistics. Even though the Dollar Store Industry as a whole is still growing at a fever pitch, they started to realize they weren't growing as fast as they had been since they launched in January of 2014.

"We did notice somewhat of a slowdown and at first we just blew it off. Then we noticed lots of Online Press focusing on a newcomer to the Online Dollar Store space," said the Founder who asked to be referred to as Pierre. They knew at some point there would be other players, but they weren't sure if there would be any in the form of Online Dollar Stores that offered everything at $1.00 each like them or Online Dollar Stores that were of the $1 to $5 price range. Pierre said, "We figured whenever it happens we would welcome it with open arms, especially considering the need for American companies to create more jobs. At least until we noticed claims were being made that others were the First exclusively Online Dollar Store. Believe it or not, we still blew it off. Until recently when we started hearing and reading that others were the Only Online Dollar Store, etc. This definitely got our attention. So we want to be 100% clear, at this time, we're the Only exclusively Online One Dollar Store, we're not considered the only Online Dollar Store or the first Online Dollar Store. We would also make the bold statement that we feel that on average we have the Best Deals pound for pound on the Entire Internet."

Outside of those concerns they seem to be upbeat and excited to annouce they will embrace their position as the Only exclusively Online Dollar Store and not fiddle with offering occassional products that will sell for over $1. Pierre said, "Yes we played with selling some products for over $1 each game; however, we never considered making it a major part of our business. The highest we got was maybe 10%. The only reason we tried offering some products over $1 was to try to see if we could impress our customers by offering products frequently requested. We've decided not only to do away with that practice but to offer even more extreme One Dollar Deals." Dollar Fanatic LLC.'s actual concept is an Online One Dollar Store that offers between 200 and 500 Dollar Deals at a time which include mostly Brand Name,  Licensed, and Made in USA products with no minimum order.

Dollar Fanatic invites everyone, whether you are a Dollar Store Fanatic or not, to check them out at Also they are social so you can check out on Twitter at, Facebook at, Pinterest at, along with other social media platforms.