Domestic Market Which will FOSJOAS Intelligent Self-Balancing Scooter Go For?

03 Sep

03, September 2015: FOSJOAS was set up in the year of 2010 by Moben Global Inc. This scooter-producing firm is situated in London. In the beginning of establishment, it set its foot on the market for scooter. Its production base is located in China. Moben Global Inc. now faces two market, the domestic market and the overseas one. Both of the two owns the astoundingly large potentials of market.

Each year, FOSJOAS export over 100 thousands of intelligent self-balancing scooters to overseas market, for instance Europe, South-America and South-east Asia in particular.


The overseas market, especially South-east Asian market, owns a great potential of development. The market is densely populated. Their economy is either highly developed or on a robust rise. The potential-rich region has to be the main target market of FOSJOAS. The yearly overseas sales of volume, it is crudely estimated, accounts for over 50%. The overseas market made the massive contribution to the total sales volume. In the eyes of FOSJOAS, it means a lot to Moben Global Inc.

Look back at the domestic market. The domestic owns a large population and robust economy which is on a rise. Of particular importance is its potential for market. Each year, batches of electric self-balancing scooters are ordered online. FOSJOAS has an enormous customer base.


Either of the two market is a lion pie for FOSJOAS. But the two made the different contributions to FOSJOAS. The domestic market offers quick and useful feedbacks on the products, both positive and negative. These feedbacks from the domestic users are much of use to FOSJOAS. Through them, FOSJOAS make a great progress by refining. At the same time, its welcoming service fostered a large customer base. This is an invisible yet far-reaching asset for Moben Global Inc. The invisible asset has to lay a foundation for the future of FOSJOAS.

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