Dont Pack Away the Sunglasses Just because Autumn is on its way!!

07 Sep

Why it is essential to wear running sunglasses and why a cap is not enough to protect your eyes.

September 06, 2016: SmartChoice Fitness says ‘although the sun is no longer at its strongest, do not be fooled when running outside into thinking that a cap is sufficient protection for your eyes.  Protection is needed even when it is cloudy!’

There is nothing better than lacing up your trainers and going out for a run, if you’re a runner of course!  Sports watch — check, headphones — check, water bottle — check…..if sunny then possibly a cap put on to protect their head against the sun and some sun cream may even be slapped on before a runner heads out of the door. But only a handful of people will consider a pair of sunglasses as an essential item before heading outside.

The good news is that the brow and eyelashes offer some natural protection against the sun’s harmful rays when the sun is high in the sky, however these do not provide the same protection as a pair of UV400 sunglasses.  Furthermore, heading out for an early morning run or after work run can lead to the eyes being even more vulnerable due to the sun at sunrise and sunset being lined up perfectly for the rays to shine into a person’s eyes.

SmartChoice Fitness want to further get this message out — ‘UV damage is no joke’ says Nigel Piper of SmartChoice Fitness, ‘it is irreversible and over time exposure to the sun can lead to vision loss and conditions from cataracts to macular degeneration’.

Macular degeneration is where the central part of the retina deteriorates (the retina being the part of the eye that sends the images we see to the brain via the optic nerve) thereby reducing the ability to focus, read, recognise faces/colours and see fine detail.

Therefore, it is advisable to wear sunglasses even when it’s cloudy, even in the UK! Clouds are thought to only reduce the amount of UV by around 10 per cent.
‘This might seem over-cautious but, actually, UV rays can get through clouds and overcast days can still leave you vulnerable to high levels of UV exposure,’ says Dr Reshma Thampy, a consultant ophthalmologist at Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust,  ‘So wear sunglasses even on cloudy days.’

If you think a cap is sufficient protection, then think again - reflected UV is just as damaging as direct UV.
-    Water reflects up to 100%;
-    Snow reflects up to 85%;
-    Dry sand and concrete reflect up to 25%; and
-    Grass reflects up to 3%.

It is recommended that you have a good pair of flexible and lightweight running sunglasses in your bag.  Make sure that they wrap around your face, giving you protection from the sun at all angles and being a more secure fit.   Polycarbonate are the ideal, as they are scratch resistant and more durable and extremely light therefore an absolute pleasure to wear for high impact sports such as running.

SmartChoice offer a range of affordable running sunglasses on Amazon under their Openroad brand; ‘Our glasses are great value for money, they give the wearer UV400 and wraparound protection, as well as being made from polycarbonate making them durable and lightweight.  They are also stylish and suitable for both men and women’

Openroad’s lightweight and wraparound sports sunglasses with UV 400 polycarbonate lenses are the ideal solution.  Available in three cool colours and available with a click of the mouse from Amazon UK and US — check them out by clicking here -  Openroad Sunglasses. Deals are currently available on multiple purchases too.

Our customers say:
‘The secure fit prevents bounce, and they are so light it feels like you're not wearing sunglasses at all!!’
‘This is the first time I have bought sunglasses specifically for jogging.
It fits close to my face tightly, so it doesn't move down my nose when I get a sweat on.
The lens are large so you won't get direct sunlight around the edges.
Both the glasses and case are nice and sturdy.’
‘I got my glasses yesterday and I love them!.....They stay in place when you sweat. I ran 3 miles today and they are light weight and durable.’

Openroad is a brand from SmartChoice Fitness.  Our Openroad brand aims to provide quality sports gear at affordable prices and we take pride in ensuring our customers are highly satisfied.

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