Dr. Phillip Langsdon Featured in Memphis Medical News

14 Sep

Dr. Phillip Langsdon of The Langsdon Clinic was recently featured in Memphis Medical News for his plans as the new president-elect of the Memphis Medical Society.

Memphis, TN — September 14, 2016
Memphis Medical News recently released a profile on Dr. Phillip Langsdon, founder of The Langsdon Clinic, a plastic surgery practice in Memphis, TN, for the impressive goals that he has set as the new president-elect of the Memphis Medical Society.Recognizing uncontrolled regulatory and paperwork/clerical demands upon young incoming doctors, he wants to find a way to make practicing medicine more pleasant and less stressful for medical professionals and students by eliminating the many obstacles that many doctors face today.

The article quotes Dr. Langsdon, “There are so many demands made on physicians, requirements that are laid down by insurance carriers, by hospitals, by the government, licensing boards, certifying boards, by every entity that has anything to say, but there’s no system to assess the impact of all of this on a physician's quality of life or the ability to care for our patients.”

Dr. Langsdon empathizes with his fellow physicians, “What nobody understands is that there’s only so many hours in the day, and nobody’s measuring that. It’s getting to the point where it’s nearly impossible to do everything that every entity is asking you to do. Doctors are spending outrageous amounts of time on regulatory paperwork, insurance claims, etc.”

The profile goes on to provide more details on Dr. Langsdon’s interview with Memphis Medical News, including information on his early life, education and work experience. Dr. Langsdon was honored to have been elected president of the Memphis Medical Society and to have been featured in the Memphis Medical News. In his new position, he is excited to begin executing the plans he has set to tackle the various issues currently present in the medical field.

About The Langsdon Clinic

The Langsdon Clinic provides world-class expertise in facelift, rhinoplasty (nose surgery, nose job), blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), otoplasty (surgery for prominent ears), chin augmentation, lip reduction, lip enlargement, and hair transplantation under the care of Dr. Langsdon. The Langsdon Clinic has a state of Tennessee licensed surgical center. Dr. Langsdon and his team of experts use state-of-the-art equipment and believe in providing natural results, compassionate care, in a comfortable, personal, private, and convenient atmosphere.

The Langsdon Clinic staff also provides expert non-surgical facial aesthetics, such as neuro-modulation (Botox, Dysport), dermal fillers and customized medical grade skincare. Dr. Langsdon directs medical education programs that teach other providers the latest techniques in facial injections and skin improvement. The Langsdon Clinic was the first clinic in the mid-south to both study and later provide Botox treatments.  The Langsdon Clinic was also one of the first clinics in the U.S. to participate in many of the injectable filler test programs. As with our surgical recommendations, we will recommend only what we feel is beneficial to our patients.

To learn more about The Langsdon Clinic, call (901) 755-6465 or visit www.drlangsdon.com.

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