Dyanna Spa Introduces New York Spa Gift Certificates for Hair Removal & a Host of Other Beauty Services

06 Mar

Manhattan, NY; March 6, 2014: People looking for exclusive gifts for their loved ones will surely be attracted towards this new Dyanna Spa offering. The Spa is now introducing their New York Spa Gift Certificates that one can buy from them and can gift someone, only to amaze him/her and make a deep inroad into his/her heart. The Gift Certificates are available for all occasions and can be offered to both men and women. Moreover, they are allowing a person to choose the specific services to be included in the wallet. Thus, one can choose a custom gift certificate that can meet their purpose in the most suitable manner. 

The spokesperson of the Spa maintains that the Gift Certificates could be an affordable choice for a person to offer an exclusive treat to please someone. “All our services are affordable and a person can select the bouquet of beauty services at a very reasonable price. This also enhances the pleasure of gifting,” the spokesperson maintains. According to him, the packages include services that focus on providing relaxation, pleasure and rejuvenation to an individual. However, a person is always free to pick services as per his/her choices. 

One can purchase the Gift Certificates online and it will be delivered to the buyer instantly. The spokesperson reveals that the person who has been offered the gift can visit their salon for the chosen beauty treatment and can experience an exceptional professional and caring service. “Our salon creates a friendly, relaxing and luxurious ambiance to all who visit us and one can experience incredible treatment till then he or she is in our salon,” the spokesperson further reveals. 

Dyanna Spa is renowned for their flawless Hair Removal in Manhattan and other beauty treatments, and these gift certificates will allow them to get closer to their clients. At the same time, they are expecting to penetrate a new customer base, which is going to multiply soon, because of gifting beauty treatment packages to each other. People willing to purchase their gift certificates may follow the link http://www.brazilianwaxingnewyork.com/spa_gift_certificates_nyc/ 

About Dyanna Spa: 

Dyanna Spa has been working for past 25 years, offering top tier quality services to the clients. The goal of the company is to offer salon and spa services by highly trained staff at cheaper prices so that clients can attain the pampering more frequently. It offers varied services for both men and women such as facials, manicures and pedicures, body treatments, hair removal services, massages and skin care services. 

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Telephone: 212.995.2355
Website: http://www.brazilianwaxingnewyork.com/