(Submit Articles) The treatment for the diabetics involves a lot of dietary modifications, apart from the medicines. The basic treatment of diabetes starts with regulating the daily diet and by following some guidelines strictly. In many cases the blood sugar level can be controlled through the dietary modifications and physical workouts, without the intervention of any medicine. Regulation in the diet does not mean to starve, but it emphasizes on eating the right kind of food in right amounts.

Following guidelines regarding eating habits and the diet will be useful for the diabetics.

1. Instead of eating four square meals a day, it is advisable for the diabetics to adopt frequent eating in small amounts.

2. Including low fat and low carbohydrate foods like nuts, fruits, cereals and yoghurt, instead of French fries, chips and cookies.

3. Sandwiches, salads are better options, but one should avoid the fatty dressings of it.

4. Food prepared from whole wheat or other whole grains keep the stomach filled throughout the day as these take a long time to break down completely. Brown rice, brown bread and whole wheat pasta are ideal food for the diabetics.

5. Raw sugar, refined food, white flour, spaghetti, noodles, cakes, pastries and other fast foods must be strictly avoided, as these are loaded with calories and does not carry any nutritive value.

6. Packaged foods must be avoided as these contain high amounts of hydrogenated fats and oils that may shoot up the blood cholesterol level. It is better to carry homemade food.

7. Drink plenty of water when thirsty, instead of carbonated drinks. These drinks contain high amounts of sugar that instantly mixes in the blood creating a spike in the blood sugar level. It is wise to drink chilled bottled water, butter milk or lassi without cream.

8. Always opt for a fiber based diet, which will prevent the pangs of hunger. Fibers take a long time to break down and slowly mix in the blood. This helps in controlling the blood glucose levels.

9. Proteins must be included in the diet in good amounts. Proteins also take long time to digest and moreover they maintain the energy levels of the body. But one should choose lean protein and vegetable protein, instead of red meats and hamburgers.

10. Always try to eat food rich in unsaturated fats like olive oil, almonds, avocados, peanuts etc.

11. Diary products like yoghurt, low fat skimmed milk are rich in calcium that helps in maintaining the body weight. Calcium deficiency favors the release of a hormone that aids in storing fat in the body.

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