Ed Hardy dresses are part of a relatively new clothing line that is designed with a rock edge in mind. The designs for Ed Hardy come from the tattoo artwork of Don Ed Hardy, a well known tattoo artist who turned his tattoo designs into actual, frame-able artwork. One of the more popular pieces of the Ed Hardy line are the Ed Hardy dresses.

Don Ed Hardy received a degree in printmaking, and used this knowledge to turn his tattoo artwork into an international pop-culture work. This work managed to catch the eye of a company; this company approached Don Ed Hardy, as they wanted to turn his art designs into a clothing brand. This began the Ed Hardy clothing line, which features nearly everything anyone could need in their wardrobe.

The design and style of Ed Hardy in general stems from the basis of Don Ed Hardy's work. Hardy's creations feature a Japanese influence, which led to bright colors and bold patterns. Bring the bold colors and patterns to the clothing line created a new and fresh approach to clothing. This design aesthetic also brought a hard, rock type edge to the line.

If you are not into bold colors and loud patterns, you may not be into Ed Hardy Design. Ed Hardy dresses match the overall feel of the brand. Many people are surprised when they see Ed Hardy dresses; they do not expect the loud patterns and bold colors to translate onto a dress. They do not expect dresses that feature big, loud prints, and do not expect loud and daring patterns that feature different aspects of Don Ed Hardy's tattoo art. The style of the Ed Hardy dresses is very in your face. Those who are looking to add a rock type edge to their wardrobe will have found a perfect match in these dresses.

Ed Hardy dresses seem to be somewhat of an oxymoron for many people who hear of them. They cannot believe that dresses can feature the designs of Don Ed Hardy, or the hard, edgy style of the Ed Hardy Brand. While these dresses may not fit the attire of a black tie event, they are certain great pieces for those who wish to have a night out on the town, or those who simply want a day type dress for their trips to the mall. These dresses add a unique flair to any wardrobe.

At first, people were skeptical about Don Ed Hardy's tattoo art design crossing over into the fashion world. The Ed Hardy brand has made a splash, especially with its bold and edgy dresses. Many people had a hard time imagining the bold designs, prints, and patterns on a dress. This boldness is what makes the Ed Hardy dresses unique and interesting, however, as they have created a new niche in the dress market.

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