Ed Hardy isn't just a clothing line but a lifestyle brand because of its footing in different areas and Ed Hardy Energy Drink is the crowning jewel in its repertoire. The designer par excellence, Ed Hardy, is a hugely successful tattoo magician who envisioned the Tattoo Art much ahead of its time. Today, he is out and away the best in the business and stars and commoners throng to his creations. Now, he is no more accepting commissions for his tattoo work though.

Ed Hardy is a pretty famous figure in the world of fashion too. Any artist of his stature would have rested on his past glory after hanging his boots but Ed Hardy is different. His penchant for fashion, stoked by the prodigal marketing extracts of Christian Audigier decided to fuse his art with fashion. This advertently created the most sizzling brand stars love to be seen in.

The twosome launched their brand boasting of tattoo work internationally in 2004 with a big bang. The rage went out of hands by January 2005, and Audigier decided to buy Ed Hardy's rights to artwork, which took the fashion industry by storm. This was no smaller than the Big Bang, and merged the two discrete worlds of vintage fashion and motorcycle-tattoo culture with the launch of the now hip Ed Hardy line of fashions.

Audigier who is believed to have the best marketing brains in the world of fashion has dared to stake all his business experience and acumen went on to become a cult figure and an amazing entrepreneur in under four years. Quite remarkably, Audigier has left his footprints all over the fashion world following his introduction fashion marketing at MacKeen Jeans by accident.

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