Electric hoverboard distributor Airwheel Z3 alters the irreplaceable battery on traditional scooters.

11 Jan

11, January 2016: What is your favourite one among the four kinds of new products of Airwheel, M3 DIY motorized skateboard, Z3 2-wheeled electric scooter, S6 mini saddle-equipped electric scooter or F3 annular electric unicycle? In my opinion, electric hoverboard distributorAirwheel Z3is an excellent transport, as it alters the irreplaceable battery on traditional scooters, fashionable, foldable, apace saving and faster. Riders will never be worried about running out of electricity with the humanized replaceable battery design. With the intelligent security tail lights system, it brings not only the attention, but also safety.


Airwheel Z3 2-wheeled electric scooter changes the side standing which easily cause fatigue, by adopting the anterior standing design that accords with principles of ergonomics. Every time riders start the motor, it will be combined with vehicle gear options. After precise calculation, the instantaneous output signals will be delivered to the motor controller with the most efficient drive motor output, to bring more sensitive control experience.


Why is it suitable for you? Because the mini design can not hide its powerful performance with various functions which are suitable for different groups. For office workers, riding Airwheel Z3 intelligent electric scooter can help them get rid of traffic jam and never be later for work. For self-driving travellers, they can enjoy their family time, riding to see the beautiful scenery. And for shopping experts, they will not feel tired even shopping a whole day. To trend setters, they will always be the folks’ attention. For us, we can go to supermarket, being convenient and fast, without concerns about parking and taking problems. When we visit relatives and friends, we can take leave immediately without troubles. In a word, Airwheel Z3, being fashionable, foldable, apace saving and faster, is an excellent transport, as it alters the irreplaceable battery on traditional scooters.

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