Electromagnetic pollution (EMF) May Be Killing You!

10 Jan

James Matthew
Miracle Alternatives, LLC
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New Lenox, IL, 1/9/2016 — There is a new threat to mankind. It isn't your ordinate sickness, illness, virus or disease. This health threat is invisible. It is called by several names. One being Electromagnetic pollution or (EMF). It is also called electronic pollutions, electrical pollution, and an even more secretive threat EMF Torture, or EMF Harassment. Please, continue reading this press release. You and you family, including your children and pets are threatened as well. Children are more susceptible because their brains are young and absorb like a sponge.
Electromagnetic pollution or (EMF) has been around since the day electricity was first invented. Of course, it was hardly a threat at all unless you were exposed to it in the laboratory for hours a day. Until of course they started building electrical stations, electrical high wires. Then came all the electrical appliances. Such as radios, walkie talkies, television sets, CB radios, computers, cell phones, smart meters the list is almost endless.
Please do not be too alarmed just yet. A company called Miracle Alternatives, LLC has several solutions.
According to James Matthew the CEO of Miracle Alternatives, they have what you and your family need for (EMF) protection.
"I admit. Even though I admit my company have been in the holistic health care business for several years I never gave (EMF) a thought until recently. I has reason to believe that I was the target of what is known as "Electromagnetic torture". I was alway feeling agitated. I was depressed. I was finding my self making decisions that seemed way out of my control. I then learned about (EMF). Therefore I started setting up some (EMF) devices in my home and business. Keep in mind, I am surrounded by 3-5 computers a day, several cell phones, and other electronic devices. After hooking up some (EMF) protection devices, I, and my wife in which is very intuitive, and very sensitive to the energies surrounding her such as negativity, and now Electromagnetic pollution. Even she feels better now when in my office." Said James Matthew.
Electromagnetic pollution or (EMF) Explained:
Electromagnetic pollution (EMF) may be the most significant form of pollution to human beings.
It is extremely dangerous because it is invisible.
(EMF) can come from virtually anything electronic, anything electrical, such as smart meters, cell phones, computers, tablets, cell towers, radio waves, micro waves, anything that works off electricity and something called "electronic torture"!
Electronic torture is invisible as well. Psychologists have identified evidence of auditory hallucinations, delusional disorders or other mental illnesses in on line communities supporting those who claim to be targeted from electronic torture, also known as electronic harassment. You may be a target from a psychic psychological attack from for example. Some who does not like you using a "mind control device", using "psychic abilities", the government trying to control you. Government experiments weather knowingly or unknowingly.
EMF News - EMF Dangers and EMF Blockers - Learn More!
Electrosenstivity is on the Rise - Learn about EMF Blockers
Effects are cumulative and range from subtle to extremely serious.
ES-Electrosensitivity, called the Silent Epidemic, affects 6% of the world population
Upwards of 30% are affected and don't know it! Read about Electromagnetic Sensitivity
The BioInitiative Report 2012 compiles 1800 studies detailing bio-effects of radiation.
ADD/ADHD & Autism News?
7% of USA children are affected by ADD/ADHD.
ADD/ADHD and Autism are all growing at alarming rates.
Factors include: EMFs, pesticides, vaccinations and other toxins.
The BioElectric ADD/Focusing Shield addresses this condition very effectively.
Children's Brains Absorb More Radiation?
Children are especially at risk from our technology - Cell phones, WiFi, computers, tablets, smart-meters. Effects of EMF are linked to:
Behavioral issues/ADD/ADHD
Autism and Aspergers
Multiple health issues
Anxiety and fatigue
Cell Phone Phone Radiation Protection?
Are cell phones safe? Growing Evidence says NO.
Effects are cumulative
Like smoking, asbestos, lead, artificial sweeteners, how long will it take to reveal the true effects of prolonged exposure to EMF?
On September 5, 2015, World Health Organization (WHO) called for the recognition of EMS: electrohypersensitivity as worthy of inclusion in the ICD, International Classification of Diseases.
Safe standards are outdated, created before we had Smart Phones and WiFi.
Electromagnetic Sensitivity?
Do you have Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity?
Many don't realize their symptoms are caused caused by EMF Sensitivity
If your doctor told you "It's all in your head, quit worrying about it” - Read on.
Millions of people have already been diagnosed with electromagnetic sensitivity illness. (also called EMS or ESS)

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Summary: Electromagnetic pollution or (EMF) isn't something that you can usually feel thus being totally un aware that it is effecting you. It is something that is guaranteed to be their and over a period of time can possibly cause a life-threatening health conditions. It is something that each and every home, office or car should have for protection.
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