Elle Reveals The Best Nail Trends For Fall

15 Sep

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Did time fly so fast? Summer is drawing to a close. The latter half of the year means that fall is arriving again. Women always do not want to fall behind nail trends.

Beauty websites Elle shares the best nail trends come fall this year. Read on to find out more.

Simplistic nail trends

“From minimalist designs to extreme embellishment, here are the best nails we saw at NYFW with insider details on how to cop the look,” Elle stated in the article.

First, try preparing the needed products to create nails that have the colors of dark hues and shades of black. Elle completed the look with a half-circle at the tip of the nail.

The magazine website also shared a nail trend from nail artist Keli Blair. The look is minimalistic with a thin white line that goes beyond the cuticle area.

“Sometimes, the simplest detail is the most effective,” Keli Blair stated in the magazine article.

Bold nail trends

If women want to go further and embellish their nails with something more, Elle shared more tips. Nails that come with faux fur and sculptural eyes accessorized with Swarovski crystals can unleash the autumn from the nails.

Another superb nail trend for the fall season is placing a unique red lip with a black French tip design on the nails.

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