Arbitrarily submitting a site to web directories is one of the biggest mistakes a beginning webmaster can make. There may have been a time when having a link on any website reflected positively on your site, but that time is far in the past. Search engines are extraordinarily adept at knowing a quality link from a junk link. They’re so good at detecting it that adding your website to low quality spam sites or link farms can actually do more harm than good. It is true that you need your website in directories, but not all directories are built the same. Some of them have good reputations and some of them have bad reputations. Professional directory submission services exist so that you don’thave to ruin the potential popularity of your website by submitting to junk directories. A good professional submission service will submit to directories with solid reputations and high PR.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of directory submission services online. One of my personal favorites is Their service promises to submit to 100 reputable directories that have a PR rank of 4 or higher for only $37.00. Here are a few of the important features that make this such an outstanding deal for webmasters.

- Being associated with 100 PR 4+ directories is like having 100 positive references for a resume. It tells Google that you are recommended by sites that are used, and therefore trust, often. These 100 sites vouch for you. These sites put in a good word for you.
- High PR means high traffic. A high traffic directory will bring direct traffic to you as thousands of people see your link, become interested, and click through to your site.
- The fee is a one-time fee

There is only one alternative to paid submission: Manual directory submission. A description of this process should immediately deter any webmaster considering this option. To manually submit to one directory, you must first find a directory to submit to. This can take a great deal of time, as you must locate a directory from thin air. You do a search for it, go through dozens of bad directories you don’tsubmit to, and finally you find one that you’re ready to submit to. You have to fill out a length form that includes keywords, description, title, and website ownership information, and sometimes other information a directory likes to know about you. This isn’tmuch fun to do even once, but imagine going through this process 100 times or more. After you’ve manually submitted to 100 directories, you’ll sit back and realize that you don’teven know if the directories you submitted to were worth submitting to. That’s a lot of work and over half of that work might be for nothing.

A quick one-time fee is the best way to get your site submitted to high quality directories without the hassle of filling out forms or the danger of submitting to directories with bad reputations. The directories you are associated with put in a good word for your website across the internet. Letting professionals handle this part of the business is a wise business decision. offers professional search engine optimization services that can be tailored to meet your specific needs and budget. To find out more about our directory submit and manual directory submission please visit us at

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