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Spencer James tops the list with its invaluable service to lessees

London, United Kingdom, November 12th, 2010 ““ London’s premier small letting and sales agent, Spencer James (http://www.spencer-james.co.uk), has made the reasons for its excellent reputation clear by releasing a full breakdown of its service for lessees and tenants. Spencer James, one of the top estate agents London for private lets, landlord services and estate portfolios, has enjoyed a close relationship with some of the most prestigious and successful private lease holders in the capital ““ and its newly published list reveals exactly why.

Go to the Spencer James site and you’ll find several things included in its breakdown of estate agents London services (as they apply to its tenants) that don’tgenerally appear in the remits of your average estate agent. Among other things, Spencer James undertakes to provide (at the behest of the landlord) a Condition Report, which is carried out by the company’s own Inventory Clerk. In addition, Spencer James specifically draws attention to the fact that, while as a letting agent it must of course act on behalf of the landlord, it undertakes to advise the landlord if it feels that he or she is being unreasonable with respect to any action or claim made about or to the tenant and/or the property. There is, as they say, a reason for everything ““ and the reason that Spencer James is one of the most trusted estate agents London has to offer is its unstinting dedication to providing a fair and helpful service across the rentals board.

Spencer James is one of London’s leading agencies for prime location rentals and lets. It has access to a practically unrivalled portfolio of high end furnished and unfurnished properties, making it the best estate agent for customers looking for a particular level of comfort and convenience. Its register of rental properties is continually updated to ensure that the latest and best places to rent are immediately visible.

About Spencer James
Spencer James is an estate agents London with offices in prime city locations. They offer some of the best deals in selling as well as rental properties in the City and Dockland areas.

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