San Francisco, CA: Rasta Vapes is introducing its new website which is now open for the audiences and buyers. The company is the official dealer of the Afterburner G Pen Vape; one of the most preferred brands among the customers appreciating strong flavors without any danger of health hazards whatsoever. This portable g pen is an instant smoking accessory while you are on the go.


The compact size of the vape is designed to fit in the pocket of the user not only in terms of size but also the price. The offered price packages are very convenient for the buyers. For a single kit the price is $47.95 and for double kit there is a whopping discount offer with the G Pen package price being $64.95. Apart from the discount prices there are also provisions for bonus gifts. The separate set of requisite parts such as the replaceable chambers is also available. A properly maintained vaporizer pen can last for 2 to 3 months depending upon the usage. This sort of budget friendly package reduces the expenses as compared to the prices of cigarettes that is also problematic requiring lighter and its inflammability makes it unfit at various places.


The Afterburner G Pen Vape is designed for usage with honey oil or wax. The product is not suitable for using dry herbs. During consumption the product produces dense smoke due to the presence of the built in wax screen that raises the efficiency of the product more than 40%. People not preferring to use the wax screen atomizer can remove it and yet continue using it without any hassles. This wax Vape is perfectly designed for the BHO compatibility. The high power battery is suitable for continuous usage for up to two days when fully charged. The battery takes about 30 to 40 minutes for getting fully charged. As for the accessories, the kit is inclusive of the charger, gift box, honey oil containers, user guide and the Afterburner Vape pen. A proper maintenance as per


Company Profile: Rasta Vapes is a San Francisco based company with their established retail store on Bay St, selling electronic vaporizer pens and accessories. They are the prime authorized dealers of the Afterburner G Pen Vape. Ever since the inauguration of their business operations, the company has won enormous fame among the customer base which is increasing at a great pace. Hence they are now operating their official website where the customers from distant and remote places can register their orders and get their choice of products shipped right at the doorstep without any hassles or extra shipping charges. The free shipping is available for customers across the US. The first time buyers who do not have sufficient information about these products can visit their site to find the complete set of details about the products, their prices, user guidance and much more. Also, there is a video available on


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