Expert Urological Care from Doctor Maneesh Ghei

05 Mar

London, United Kingdom; 05/03/2014 Urology can be described as a surgical and medical specialty which primarily focuses on the urinary system of females and males as well as reproductive system of males. Maneesh Ghei happens to be a private urologist London presently working at Whittington Hospital’s Department of Urology. He has a MBBS degree and a MS degree along with proper urological training in the United Kingdom. He is a well known and established urologist in London with vast experience and knowledge. He also has a MD degree from University of London and has led some globally recognized research trial focusing on botulinum toxin treatment in refractory overactive bladders.

Dr. Maneesh’s urology clinic London offers patients with state-of-the-art facilities and expert medical care to help with their urinary problems in the best possible manner. The urinary system of the human body plays a crucial role towards the overall functioning of the body. The kidneys are the crucial parts of the urinary system helping with a number of tasks like regulating electrolytes, concentrating the urine, regulation of pH levels as well as removal of urea. Thus, it is quite clear that improper functioning of the urinary system can disrupt normal functioning of the entire body thus, requiring immediate medical care. Dr. Maneesh advice patients on different types of urological diseases and help them to get well by providing proper medications and care.

As a London urology consultant, Dr. Maneesh maintains his own website from where patients can make easy bookings without the need to physically visit and make appointments. Patients are also encouraged to call in case of emergencies so that immediate care and attention can be provided. Dr. Maneesh has different clinics throughout the city of London which makes it easy for patients to have check-ups without the need to wait for days. Bladder conditions like bladder pain, blood in urine, overactive bladder, etc are critical problems that affect millions of people around the world. Dr. Maneesh’s expert advice, medical guidance and support have helped cure many people suffering from urinary system problems.

As a consultant urological surgeon, Dr. Maneesh has developed a solid reputation throughout the city of London and highly sought after because of his expert and professional medical guidance. His thorough knowledge in the field along with his expert trained staff ensures that patients are provided with top notch medical care at his clinics. Emma Kaye is his secretary and assists every patient in a professional and dedicated manner when it comes to arranging their appointments or re-scheduling appointments with Dr. Maneesh. Dr. Maneesh has turned out to be a prominent figure in the field of urology in London amongst other well known doctors.

About Maneesh Ghei, Consultant Urological Surgeon:


Doctor Maneesh Ghei is one of the well-established and highly reputed consultant urological surgeons in the city of London with several of his clinics scattered throughout the city.