Wilmington, DE — September 21, 2016 — Nail salons and foot spas are the ideal destinations for individuals who want to achieve smooth, healthy, and callus-free feet. However, there are also home remedies consumers can resort to in having a relaxing foot care experience.

Experts reveal the salon-free tricks to soften rough heels. Dry heel calluses are usually removed by professionals, such as podiatrists and nail technicians. However, there are times and cases when eliminating rough and hardened skin on the feet only require home foot care routine.

To build a foot care routine, it is imperative to wash the feet first with warm water. Vegetable oil-based cleanser or liquid soap can also be used to make sure that the skin is cleaned well. After patting the feet dry, it is advisable to soak the feet in a tub filled with water.

The warm water should be combined with Epsom salts before the feet are soaked for about 10 to 15 minutes. This process can softer the hardened, rough skin on the feet. The feet should be dried before scrubbing, which is the next step.

A fine-grained pumice stone is an ideal tool to use in buffing away the skin’s outer layer. It is imperative to not rub the ski to hard. Individuals who suffer from pain and redness may be exfoliating the skin too aggressively.

As an alternative to pumice, there are also electric callus removers available nowadays. This tool is ideal for any type of callus formation, from mild to severe cases.

If the skin is too rough, there is another alternative. Five aspirin tablets should be crushed and combined with water and lemon juice to make a paste. The paste should then be applied to the heels before covering them with plastic wrap and a warm towel.

There are other products, such as petroleum jelly, which can also soften and moisturize the rough, dry skin. To retain moisture, it can be helpful to wear a pair of clean cotton-polyester blend socks.

These are some of the best steps to have a foot care routine at home. The use of electric callus removers has also been a popular option recently, since the device is especially designed to buff hardened and thickened calluses.

What makes an electric callus remover more beneficial is that it is safe to use, unlike metal blades and salicylic acid. It is easy to use too and is user-friendly.

There are many electric callus removers available nowadays. One of the best electric callus removers available nowadays come from Naressa and can be purchased at amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/foot-scrubber-callus-removal/dp/B015GJDW18)..

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