Experts Say Its Okay To Introduce Children To The Paleo Diet Plan

01 Sep

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The Paleo plan is often associated with adults who have weight issues. But apparently, experts on the website Paleo Leap said that parents can also start introducing the Paleo diet plan to the children. Read more to find out.

“If you look at most of the studies supporting Paleo, the vast majority of them were done on adults. That makes sense because Paleo really started as a diet to combat chronic diet-and-lifestyle diseases like type 2 diabetes and fatty liver disease,” Paleo Leap stated in the article. “Up until recently, the vast majority of people who got those diseases were middle-aged adults.”

It is important for parents to prevent the adult diseases by starting early through the Paleo diet plan. Parents can address these issues by providing foods that follow the Paleo plan. This can avoid health risks such as childhood obesity.

“But the evidence suggests that a Paleo diet absolutely can be safe and healthy for kids. It’s easy to meet any special nutritional needs of childhood with Paleo food, and yes, it’s possible to get kids to eat broccoli,” the website added.

It is true that it might be challenging to let kids eat the healthier food items. The website made a list of the perfect Paleo food sources for them. Among the food sources are fresh vegetables, moderate servings of animal protein, healthy fats from olive oil and coconut oil, nuts, sweet potatoes, and fruits.

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