Experts say yoga can help promote body pH balance

14 Sep

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The principles of yoga are used by several practitioners to experience health benefits. Some of these benefits include improving posture, weight loss, and maintaining body balance. But website Yoga In Daily Life said that yoga can also help achieve body pH balance and combat acidity.

“In yoga, there are a number of practices that are recommended to help overcome acidity by keeping the digestive system healthy and strong,” Yoga In Daily Life stated in the article.

Acidity is one of the health risks that many people face. It happens when the body pH is lower than the right levels. They are not balanced.

According to the website, some of the major effects of acidity are chest pain, illnesses, heartburn, inflammation and organ issues. There are also people who are inflicted with congestion, persistent headaches, digestive problems, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and many others.

Yoga and body pH balance

The principles of yoga can be used to maintain body pH balance, the website stated. With these, the health risks associated with acidity can be prevented.

Yoga practitioners can do some yoga positions such as the Vajrasana for around 10 minutes, the website stated. This position can provide strength and reduce constipation among the practitioners.

They can also so some breathing exercises and deep relaxation techniques. These routines can provide relaxation for the organs.

Aside from these, other principles of yoga can also be applied to reduce acidity and relieve stress. These routines are known as the Shitali pranayam, Shitkari pranayama and the Jalandhara badha. Know more about the routines by visiting the website.

The HealthyWiser pH test strips

The HealthyWiser pH test strips for the urine and saliva can tell a lot about the optimum body pH balance. This can be helpful in determining their body pH balance. The test strips provide accurate results within just a few seconds, with the help of the pH guide along with the product.

“I bought these strips a few weeks ago and I love them! I check my pH several times per day and am getting addicted to eating more fruits and veggies just so I can see the strips get greener in color. It's become a personal challenge,” one customer review stated.

About the company

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