Experts Suggest Running May Be Beneficial Versus a Hurdle for Arthritis Sufferers

21 Sep

Orlando, FL — September 21, 2016 - Individuals who suffer from arthritis are often subjected to pain and even immobility. The symptoms caused by the condition may make it easy for sufferers to live a sedentary lifestyle. The good news is that there are techniques such as engaging in physical activities such as running, that may be helpful despite the presence of the condition.

Experts suggest that running may be rather beneficial versus a hurdle among arthritis sufferers. Running is considered to be one of the healthiest physical activities people should regularly engage in. However, for many arthritis sufferers, such a physical activity seems to be so difficult or almost impossible to do on a regular basis. While running may appear to be extremely difficult, sufferers should understand that this fitness activity has the potential to help ease their pain as well as boost their energy levels.

According to the Arthritis Foundation, it is imperative for arthritis sufferers to have an exercise routine. This debunks the myth that running is not good for the knees. However, sufferers should also learn that there are exercise techniques they should use to safely and efficiently maintain their running routine. These techniques involve strength training, cross-training, and running on softer surfaces. They may also see their healthcare provider first as their running regimen may depend on the severity of their condition.

Running on softer surfaces means running on dirt, grass, trails, or a synthetic track as this is believed to help decrease the amount of shock and stress in their joints. They should also watch their footing when they transfer to a more forgiving surface.

Strength training has always been recommended for arthritis sufferers. It should be done a few days every week. Strength training is important because it allows the body to absorb more shock, and thus, this reduces the stiffness and soreness in the joints.

Sufferers should perform isotonic and isometric exercises as their strength training regimen. Isotonic exercises may strengthen the muscles and it involves the use of dumbbells. Isometric exercises, on the other hand, strengthen the muscles without requiring joint movements.

There are other techniques such as flexibility exercises that strengthen and relax stiff muscles. Tai Chi and yoga are the solid flexibility exercises often recommended for arthritis sufferers.

It is also wise for arthritis sufferers to consider utilizing supplements such as glucosamine. This natural alternative may provide support to the joints and may even strengthen them. Glucosamine is thought to have the ability to repair damaged cartilage, and this may be beneficial for individuals who suffer from arthritic conditions such as osteoarthritis.
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