The SERP checker’s biggest update is aimed to enable its performance on search engines like Yahoo and Bing and with additional highlights. The update is now available online.

Ezee Rank Tracker has now launched their biggest update that is showing promises to enable performance over Yahoo and Bing apart from Google. The latest update is said to be effective in offering accurate reports pertaining to the website ranking positions.

The latest update enables the tool to provide hundred percent accurate results across Bing, Google and Yahoo. It is enabled with effective and accurate tracking features of social signals through nine platforms, including ranks of YouTube videos.

According to a staff of Ezee Rank Tracker, “Until now, there is no guaranteed service to confirm accurate ranking positions acquired by websites on any search engine. However, our latest update would eradicate the problem and revolutionize rank tracking experience. You would even get up-to-date ranking notifications of your website through emails.”

The update of latest rank checker tool is going to help users track down the accurate positions of their website and even get immediate notification in case of any change in the ranking position. It is designed to enable users to checkout the performance of their websites through updated graphical representations. Clients are also getting SEO reports and changes in website rank position through instant white label service.

The staff also added, “The update is targeted to radically bring about great change in the entire scenario. Clients can now access effective solutions to SERP checker requirements, along with social signal and YouTube tracking. Apart from this, you can also keep tab on over 1000 results of Yahoo, Google and Bing Rankings.”

Unparalleled optimization and depth is gradually taking place by the latest update that is helping to track and save notes regarding every minute variation in ranking position. The update is also featuring innumerable enhancements like public-private proxy support, graph generation through customized time framing, proxy scraper, automated scheduler, etc.

Billy Boon, a website owner says, “I am really amazed by the provisions of the update by Ezee Rank Tracker. Now, I will be able to check accurate rank of my website and make necessary amendments to make it visible to a larger audience.”

Ezee Rank Tracker has released their update on November XXXX. The updated tool can be downloaded from their website.

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