Face lift ““ one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, helps reverse the effects of age, gravity, genetics and sun damage on the facial tissue. The surgery rejuvenates the face and turns back the clock on the visible signs of aging.
Face lift helps in achieving a smoother, tauter skin on the face and neck. The appearance of the face is brighter, fresher and more youthful. The best part of the whole procedure is the lack of pain and discomfort and the rejuvenated face which bring about a change in the person’s dressing as much as in attitude.

It is important that the person undergoing the face lift surgery take certain post operative care and precautions. The face is bandaged immediately after, to avoid hematoma formation. The patient is made to spend the next few hours after the procedure in the recovery room to ensure that there is no bleeding and is allowed to go home the same or the following day after the surgery. The patient is advised to be gentle with the face and hair in the next few weeks as the face is tender after the Lift.

Stitches in front of the ear are removed within the first week, and the rest of the sutures are removed within two weeks. The patient can wear mild makeup to conceal bruising. Non-strenuous work and light exercise may be resumed by ten to fourteen days and more strenuous exercise may be resumed after four to six weeks.

The important precautions to be taken care of are:

“¢ Avoid irritation of your facial skin
“¢ Sleep with your head slightly elevated to minimize swelling
“¢ Avoid strenuous activities
“¢ Avoid saunas and steam baths for the next few days.
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