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14 Jan

New faith story contest is planned to be held by A Modern Testament, aiming to encourage people to share their thought and stories to others. Be prepared to take a part in one of the best faith story contests ever existed. has recently announced new faith story competition, in which anyone can compete one to another to tell about their modern version of faith stories. We all know how faith stories can sometimes give huge impacts to the reader and encourage them to be better person in the future. Therefore sometimes, people have amazing experience in their life that they wanted to share it to fellow faith. Due to that fact, in order to give opportunities for anyone to tell their own version as well as also to give huge contribution to the community, this website then decided to hold a competition to encourage more and more people to share their experience.

Of course, there are rules need to be followed by the participants, such as the story should be original, real and taken from the author’s real experience in the past. Any participant should not make up the whole story or to create major modifications to make it look better or dramatic. However, it is allowed for them to avoid disclosing sensitive information within the story to protect their privacy. For anyone interested to take a part on it, they can just simply visit for more information about the program.

By participating to the event, anyone can win $25, $50 or $100 according to the result. Whether they are winning or not, by the end of the day, people will be able to have new collection of faith stories to explore. Yes, if only there are 100 people joining this Faith Story Contest to be hold by the A Modern Testament team, that means there will be 100 new stories to discover, therefore it could possibly more in number. That means people will be able to get the most advantage from the contest.

Even though anyone is possible to join the faith story contest, however there are some rules and terms need to be followed for someone to be able to get into the contest. More detailed information about the Contest Guidelines can be found and acquired by visiting their official website. is always accessible 24/7, which that means whenever they need to people will always be able to get into the site and get any information they possible needed to prepare themselves before decided to take a part into the contest. Otherwise they could also contact the team for direct assistance related to the contest. For more information please visit

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