Farm Plast is specialized manufacturer and supplier of high quality milk crates

18 Jan

USA; 18, January 2016: Milk crates offer the ideal solution when it comes to delivering milk and other dairy products to the retail stores. Use of these interlocking boxes ensures safe delivery of these products without compromising on essential nutritional elements. These are quite perfect for both long and short distance transportation. There are many firms that supply such boxes to the customers at a competitive price. Farm Plast is one such firm that manufactures as well as sales these milk crates at a reasonable price through its commercial website.This manufacturing firm uses highest quality resins to ensure longevity of its products and customers are always welcomed to its facility for witnessing the crates manufacturing techniques using top quality resins, machines, molds and personnel.

Through its e-commerce portal customers can view all its products simply clicking the category options. It mainly manufactures rectangular and square shaped milk crates of different colors and dimensions. Customers can purchase these boxes in sets and separately as well. Its e-commerce platform offers safe online shopping solution to the customers through protecting their privacy efficiently. Its black rectangular milk crate provides the perfect storage solution for personal and business use. These are also made of top quality resins to ensure strength and durability. They also contain reinforced corners and handles for making it suitable for multiple re-uses. These cut out handles also make transportation of the crates and its items much easier and safer.

It also offers the option of buying personalized plastic milk crates to all the customers. For the benefits of the customers, this firm will prepare a custom name plate that will be inscribed into every case that will be purchased by them. Its molds have been specially builds to accommodate the industry standard for strength, dimensions and nesting capability. This customized plate can be inscribed in any color as per the wish of the customers. For obtaining exact pricing information and delivery information customers need to contact the firm via e-mail.

Order of less than 50 crates are shipped in boxes of 6 crates via UPS Ground. Orders of more than 51 crates are shipped via pallet and the maximum pallet count is 96 crates. Shipping price is determined on the basis of the zip code. Its commercial website accepts all major credit cards. All its products come with a guarantee of 24 calendar months and in case of any defect it will replace or exchange such product free of charge. Customers not satisfied with their purchase can return them within 7 days for refund.

About Farm Plast:

Farm Plast, based in USA, is a specialized manufacturer of different types of milk crates. All its milk crates are unbreakable and made of high quality resins. For more information, customers can visit its website.