Farming Website Reveals Better Systems For Classroom Gardening

16 Sep

Get to know more about HealthyWiser’s digital pH meter

Many modern classrooms now are using gardening systems as part of the learning resources. When it is time to choose between hydroponics or aquaponics systems, a farming website shares insights on which system is better for the classroom.

Website Bright Agrotech noted some factors that school administrators should consider when setting up these systems. These factors include the materials used, teaching subjects, space requirements and student reception.

Hydroponics systems are using fertilizers as the nutrient solutions when growing plants. On the other hand, fish waste is what aquaponics systems use in plant growth.

Bright Agrotech stated that both these system offer good benefits. The website noted how hydroponics systems have various designs in raft systems and bed systems. Meanwhile, the aquaponics systems require the use of plumbing system to deliver the nutrients to the plants from fish tanks.

The setup of the aquaponics systems may appear complicated on the surface. However, experts note that aquaponics systems can offer a more varied learning experience for the students.

“While these complications could be viewed as ‘cons’ by some, the educators we know have chosen to view them as benefits instead, using these additional requirements to expand and enrich their curriculum,” the website stated.

Hydroponics systems however, are well-known for their simplicity. But whichever schools use for their gardening needs, it is important to pair them up with the right hydroponics or aquaponics digital pH meter.

How the HealthyWiser digital pH meter can help

The HealthyWiser digital pH meter can be used to test both hydroponic and aquaponic systems. The product has a digital screen that shows the pH readings for these systems quicker than other products can. It has an auto calibration feature to make sure that pH tests are always accurate

Aside from these gardening systems, the HealthyWiser digital pH meter also provides great benefits for commercial and residential purposes. The product is also used to test the pH of drinking water, reverse osmosis systems and more. For more information about HealthyWIser’s digital pH meter, visit their Amazon page.

“This pH meter is totally awesome. It took me a bit to figure out calibration, but once done, everything is a breeze. [It seems] accurate on everything I tested [such as] vinegar, soda, ammonia glass cleaner, distilled water... I got it for mainly hydroponics,” one customer wrote on Amazon.

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