Faster Recovery and Improved Performance at Hand with Supreme Squeeze Massage Balls

19 Feb

Sanford, NC — Feb. 19, 2016 — The body goes through a lot in day-to-day activities and Supreme Squeeze massage therapy balls are helping individuals around the world improve their performance and feel their best. Company spokesperson, Eric Currey, announced that the three-pack of therapy balls help improve blood flow, provide relief on tired, tight or stressed muscles and provide rehabilitation following vigorous workouts or an injury.

“Our therapy balls have earned the respect of athletes for improving performance and medical professionals as an effective means of addressing muscle recovery,” said Currey.

Massage balls offer a faster pathway to recovery, help build the strength athletes need for improved sports performance, and they can be used by anyone who wants to maintain the overall health of their hands. Therapy balls work by targeting trigger points and knots using myofascial release.

The Supreme Squeeze massage ball multi-pack includes a lacrosse ball, a hard spiky ball and a soft spiky ball for varying degrees of intensity, depending upon the needs of the individual. Fitness professionals and athletes have stood by using massage balls for years. A quicker recovery not only means you feel good but it helps you to perform your best in your chosen sport or activity.

Therapy balls offer different levels of resistance and intensity, and are effective for athletes who want to improve strength and endurance. Of course there is the added benefit of pain relief and increased mobility. Tight muscles can easily limit your movements and that is not something you want as a professional athlete or even someone who simply enjoys working out.

They’re constructed of rubber for long life, providing an affordable training tool for athletic pursuits that are equally applicable for typists, mechanics and others who perform repetitive movements in their employment.

The three-pack of therapy and massage balls offered by Supreme Squeeze are an affordable option within clinical applications and as a way to continue prescribed hand therapy at home to facilitate recoveries. They’re equally at home in the gym, at the office for relieving stress, and for individuals of all ages and fitness levels helping them to feel and perform their best.
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