This is a Press Release aimed at all on line Game Players, designers and solution developers, Also anyone who has files videos music games or aps that they own and think will appeal to other users. A new website with all the latest up to date technologies is available for members to manage their Steam Accounts. FileIce is launching a revolutionary Pay Per Download (PPD) website with a high payout rate for your uploaded files downloaded by other internet users.

One of the best ways for you to earn money while doing your favorite thing is to upload your files to FileIce who has the highest payout rate and fantastic conversions. It is very simple really. You join as a member of FileIce which costs you absolutely nothing.

You then decide which of you own files, videos, music or Aps will appeal to someone else. Upload these to your own Steam Accounts on FileIce.

You will then receive a link from FileIce for you to place on Facebook, Twitter, Gaming Blogs, anywhere you like to promote the files you have placed there. Anyone who wishes to view that file will have to sign in and will be required to either pay for the file or do a small survey which earns revenue which is passed on to you.

It must be noted that you are in control of your own marketing, but if you are astute you can get all your Facebook friends to visit your links and pass these on to all their friends, who pass it on again and pretty soon it has “Gone Viral”, and you are pocketing about a dollar for every file downloaded. Thus if you have something really cool that you own, have developed or have the rights to and know that others will want then upload to FileIce and get marketing.

This is especially pertinent to gamers. The solutions or variations to the games that they play are worth real money. Digital distribution and rights management to a multitude of players is a major business with 40 million active users of the steam network.

As must be obvious these 40 million will not all be interested in you game or ap but imagine if you van tickle the interest of just 1% all of which pay you a dollar. Why that would make it very worthwhile pursuing.

FileIce has a forum and a blog which enables the user to keep up to date with what is happening in the word of File Sharing and File Downloads, In order to participate in the Forum you have to be a member, but remember membership costs nothing unless you start purchasing other peoples files, and if you do so all you will have to do in many instances is complete a short survey.

So don’t delay. Join FileIce, create a steam account and start uploading and marketing at once. It just takes one lucky break to really do well and if you aren’t in the game then the lucky break won’t be coming your way.

Press Release by FileIce LLC