When it comes to men's wardrobe, the rule of thumb is that every guy must own at least one suit. Undoubtedly a suit is the most important outfit a man can have, and exudes class which makes people take you seriously. Not only do you wear suits to make a statement but also to show respect to certain important occasions like wedding, funeral, graduation and communion. Unfortunately, not many men out there know how to find a perfect suit. Price tag usually decides which suit they will buy. But you must remember that just because a suit is expensive, it does not necessarily make it the best choice for you.

The first most important formal occasion in any boyâ€â„¢s life is communion where he dresses up formally. Though traditionally, communion boy suits used to be dark coloured, but white suits are becoming more popular now. The reason may be that most parents still prefer navy boy suits for their sons. So those who splash on white communion boy suits tend to stand out of the crowd. But without a matching boys dress shirt that fits the young fellow perfectly, no suit is ever complete. The grace of a navy boy suit simply isnâ€â„¢t there unless you have a good boys dress pant to complement it. When you buy a good suit with a perfect fit for your sonny boyâ€â„¢s special day, just remember that someday when he will flip through his photo album he is going to thank you for dressing him up superbly. New York Man Suits is a great place to find fantastic designer and other suits that not only fit fabulously but are also gentle on your pocket.

An important occasion like graduation also demands a great suit with matching boys dress shirt, tie and shoes that suits not only your budget but also your style and taste. There is no fixed style for graduation suits and you can pick any colour in dark hues of any style that suits your body type. There is a general misconception that tuxedo rentals are a cheaper option than buying full-fledged graduation suits. Buying formal wear from online stores usually proves to be less expensive than renting it for the evening. At http://nymsuits.com you will find suits in the same price as that of a tuxedo rental and you donâ€â„¢t have to worry of returning it the next morning.

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