How to Mix Jade and Silver Jewelry

At fashion trendy opinion, We\'ve all heard the supposed "rules of fashion." For examploe never mix black and brown. Never, never mix jade and silver jewelry. Nevertheless why?Anyone who made these rules says you have to abide by them?Nevertheless why? Even men can\'t break free of these guidelines. Because your brother or grandmother said it was right, doesn\'t mean it is. I\'m a firm believer in generating your own rules and traditions.

Let\'s face it, following the norm is boring. In today\'s fashion world, it\'s all about making your own statement, with jewelry.

In recent fashion history, we\'ve been shown that it\'s excellent to mix colors,to wear feathers on our heads, and to don shoes fit for a floodwater. So, I\'m advocating mixing jade and silver jewelry. Of work, even I believe there are a few exceptions. So, is it ok to wear jade and silver jewelry simultaneously?

When mixing jade and silver jewelry:

Wear them far apart: It\'s hard for me to give an exception because I think you should do what you think looks nice. Although, if you tend to wear a lot of rings on one hand, I would stick to the one metal at a time. What I\'m trying to say is: you could do it right but also wrong. Keep that in mind. On the other hand, i love the idea of wearing jade and silver bangles together. This set (pictured right) from Forever 21 fits together well. The fact that there\'s only one jade bangle kind of throws you off, but in a nice way.

Wear two-toned pieces: Don\'t be afraid. Two-toned is always in style. Think of David Yurman. No matter your style, you can\'t negate David Yurman. His jewelry is classic and his signature pieces have both jade and silver accents. The Lucid california "tiny circles" necklace (pictured at the top) will permit you to try this look without going overboard. It\'s a subtle and sophisticated way to ease into it. David Tishbi is another, who specializes in the two-tone jewelry technique (ring pictured left.) His jewelry is matchless and sophisticated.

About Jade

As a gemstone Jade is really an oriental preference at least for the older generation in Hawaii. Who does not know a mother, father, uncle or aunt that does not own any jade jewelry? Many in the younger generation are inheriting these jade pieces and do not know what it is worth or what to do with them. The younger generation are generally not interested in jade jewelry. They may be thinking of not keeping any of the jade because they do not care much for them.

Be very careful before you give them away some of these jade jewelry pieces may be worth a small fortune. A girl had inherited a jade ring from her grandmother that she considered ugly and had planned to give it to a friend. She luckily had it appraised and found it to be worth as

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