Finish the Last Few Kilometers between Home & Station by Airwheel E3

24 Aug

24, August 2016: In the summer heat, it is annoying to cover the last few kilometers between home and stations. Now, Airwheel backpack e bike E3, with superior portability and intelligence will help people to cover the distance easily.

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It is an awful experience to wait for buses or taxis in the hot summer. But walking or riding bikes are even more exhausting and desperate. How can people cover the few kilometers between subway station and home? All they need is an Airwheel backpack e bike.

In this summer, as greenhouse effect worsens, extreme weather and climate events frequently occur worldwide. The heatwave strikes many countries. However, even in extreme weather, office workers have to get to work everyday. To be a responsible human being, it is highly advised to drive less and choose green vehicles. Airwheel folding electric bike deserves to be called an eco device. It is powered by branded lithium battery. How can it facilitate daily commuters? The vehicle is incredibly foldable. E3 weighs only 12.5kg. It is designed to be simply and fully folded. The folding size is 474*399*374mm, as small as a backpack. Daily commuters can ride the vehicle to stations and store it in a backpack to carry them onto buses and subways. The light weight is bearable even for female riders. The small size also enables riders to store them in offices.

Airwheel smart electric folding bike, with its intelligent functions can meet young people’s pursuit of intelligent and novel products. Airwheel has thoroughly taken into consideration the ideas and individuality of young people. Firstly, E3 backpack electric bike can be connected to the phone via a customized app, which provides services like fault self-diagnosis, riding data checking and personal setting. Young people are more adaptive to operate vehicles over the phone. E3 also adopts an external modular battery design. The battery is built with a USB port, which can charge many smart devices such as smart phones. The multi-functional handlebar has been equipped with a bell, headlight and even phone holder. Airwheel E3 takes good care of those, who can’t separate from their phone for a second.

Do the combination of science and passion touch daily riders? Feel the charm of Airwheel electric folding bike.

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