Fitbit Charging Issues are The Past Thanks To Mobile Mob’s Accessories

16 Aug

Dandenong South, Australia; 16, August 2016: Fitbit fitness trackers are popular products used around the world. Their aim is to help inspire people into leading healthier lives using technology. The trouble is, that same technology can sometimes be a curse as well as a blessing!

Although Fitbit trackers are premium products, charging them has sometimes been an issue. That's because the cables and connectors used with the bundled chargers break. The good news is that charging issues are now a thing of the past. And that's thanks to a website called Mobile Mob!

Innovative and dependable charging solutions

Mobile Mob is an online retailer that sells a wide range of Fitbit chargers. Each product seeks to enhance the user experience for all Fitbit fitness trackers. The chargers, designed and built by premium brands, are hand picked before getting offered. As a result, the range of products sold by Mobile Mob are only ones that both meet and exceed high standards.

Rapid USB chargers

Mobile Mob sells a variety of rapid USB chargers that can get used with Fitbit trackers. They come in a range of styles, capacities and colours. They can get used either with an electricity wall socket or a computer with a spare USB port.

Some devices have the capability to charge up to six USB devices at the same time. That means, for instance, one could charge their Fitbit and smartphone simultaneously.

Fast Charging Power Banks

There is often a need to charge FitBit trackers on the go. As one can imagine, there is seldom an opportunity to find electrical sockets outdoors! To solve that problem, Mobile Mob offers a selection of fast charging power banks.

They are slimline devices, often no bigger or heavier than a modern smartphone. Each power bank acts as a portable battery and the way that they work is simple. First, they get charged from a conventional wall socket or computer via USB. When charged up, they can supply power to Fitbit trackers on the go. And without needing a power socket!

The fast charging power banks are available in a range of power capacities from 5,200 to 10,400 mAh.

USB Cradle Dock and Charger Cables

One of the bugbears experienced by many Fitbit owners is when their USB charging cables fray. Should that occur, they no longer have a way of charging or communicating with their devices. Mobile Mob provides a range of premium quality USB charger cables.

What's more, some can also get used with Fitbit USB cradle docks. The cables offered work with:

* Fitbit Charge;
* Fitbit Flex;
* Fitbit One;
* Fitbit Blaze;
* And more.

About Mobile Mob:

Mobile Mob is an online retailer of high-quality charging solutions for Fitbit trackers. They also sell cables and accessories for other portable devices like mobiles and tablets. The website boasts a secure online ordering facility and free Express Post on orders over $75.

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