There is home fitness equipment available for hire. The LCT 11000(Super Deluxe large Treadmill) is considered to very ideal for the serious home runners and the institutional environments. It has a very sturdy frame and a huge 3 HP continuous use motor and an extra-long well cushioned deck that ensures that the user has a very comfortable run whether the user is tall or heavy. Another big advantage of the LCT11000 is foldable and thus can comfortably fit into a small space when it is not being used. The console has a very clear LED display that contains all the key information and as well as a seven program to choose from including HRC and is very user programmable. It is advisable that the user does not try to get it upstairs or in a restricted access point. This is due to its very large size.




It is possible to get the Power plate hire at the company.  The Ultim8 Plate Pro is reviewed as the perfect toning machine. It is said to be able to compress a one and a half hour workout to just fifteen minutes. This machine when used helps the user to be able to tone muscle, burn calories in a quicker fashion, reduce the amount of cellulite, increase the bone density, increase the metabolic rate and assist in fast healing from injury as a result of the natural growth hormone.




To facilitate the rowing machine hire, the client can make a choice of their own. The Concept 2 is probably the biggest of rowing machines. It is the darling of both by professionals and amateurs alike. This is because it has great air resistance and natural action. For easy storage the machine can be split into two. The machine gives basic feedback to the user as it has a very comprehensive computer.