FlipBuilder’s PDF to Flipbook Software—the Future of Publishing

14 Sep

14, September 2016: After half year of improvements, FlipBuilder has come up with the even better PDF to flipbook software Flip PDF that allows the businesses/individuals to create flipbooks to offer a book-like reading experience. The updated version of the PDF to flipbook software features optimized mobile function while the zoom in and zoom out function is also improved to work smoothly. The user can also change the mobile menu font and color flexibility in the updated version.

Flip PDF also added many more templates for creating an attractive online publication. The software allows the user to create and publish digital documents such as magazines and catalogs conveniently. The online publications are gaining popularity among the businesses owing to the fact that they are simpler to make and cost much less as compared to the traditional way of publishing hard copy magazines or brochures.

With this PDF to flipbook software, users can create a digital flipbook in a few simple steps that require them to import a PDF with all the information and start creating the digital document as per their requirement. They can also use the inbuilt templates and a variety of themes to make their document look appealing to the readers. The software also enables the user to embed multimedia such as audio, video, images and animations in the digital publication. They can also add several effects to make the document attractive to the potential customers.

Using the Flip PDF PDF to flipbook software, the businesses can create content which the readers can click, scroll, tap and swipe to browse through it. The published documents can be easily shared with the potential customers through social media websites such as facebook and twitter or directly through email. The updated version is more user-friendly to offer smooth browsing, video viewing and clicking on hyperlinks for the users.

Flip PDF also has a Google analytics option which can provide useful insights to the business for observing their reader’s behavior. By measuring the key performance metrics of the publication they can optimize their advertisement and content to develop the right content for their audiences.

For more about FlipBuilder, please visit: http://www.flipbuilder.com/

About FlipBuilder:

FlipBuilder is the digital publishing developer which provides the effective tools for business owners. It provides the PDF to flipbook software, PDF to flash tool for users. In the future, it will release more features for its main product Flip PDF series.

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