Foreign Tourist Numbers In Menorca Keep Going Up

03 Mar

Recent figures have been released showing that the number of foreign tourists visiting Menorca increased again in 2013. This means that tourist numbers have increased for the last four years in a row.

The figures come from the ‘Estudio de la Evolución del Turismo en Menorca 2002-2013′ from ASHOME, and also show that more foreign tourists flew into Menorca in 2013 than Spanish tourists. This has led companies like Bartle Holidays to again highlight what makes Menorca such a popular holiday destination.

The figures show that over 670,000 people visited Menorca from abroad, compared to 605,000 from Spain. It is the first time this has happened since 2006, and marks the lowest number of Spanish visitors since that year. Indeed, it is a far cry from the 690,000 Spanish visitors in 2007.

It also shows just how much Menorca is growing as a popular tourist destination for foreigners. In 2009, just over 540,000 people arrived in Menorca, meaning it has seen a rise of 130,000 visitors per year.

And the best market for foreign tourists? Britain. An expert from Bartle Holidays, which provides villas for holidaymakers, says it is great news that so many people are discovering the joys of the island. It welcomed over 450,000 visitors last year, and was followed in distant second place by Italy, with just over 74,000 visitors.

The amount of time people are staying on average has also gone up. It is now over six days, marking the fifth year of consecutive growth.

Representatives from top companies like Bartle Holidays say there are many reasons to visit Menorca. Not only is it home to a wide selection of stunning beaches, but it also has excellent attractions, historic ruins, great hiking and fun activities. It is also considered a more relaxing holiday destination than neighbouring Mallorca. It is therefore great news that more people are discovering the island for themselves when planning their summer holidays.

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