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22 Jan, an information based website, was recently launched to provide information about the penalties associated with reckless driving in Virginia. The website further provides information about the SRIS Law Group, a reputed law firm based in Virginia. According to the website, the SRIS Law Group is the preferred law firm of residents of Virginia to represent them in case of reckless driving charges.

Reckless driving is considered a Class 1 misdemeanor in Virginia. According to the Virginia DMV, it is a six point offence and an individual can lose driving privileges for even a first offense reckless driving ticket. Additionally, a first offense reckless driving ticket in Virginia can result in a maximum fine of $2500 while a reckless driving ticket in federal court can result in a maximum fine of $5000.

As shown by reports, Virginia holds one of the most infamous reputations for strict fines associated with reckless driving in the US. Because of the ever escalating incidences of deaths and damage to properties over the years due to reckless driving, the Virginia court of law made the decision to up the penalties to the culprits in an attempt to curb such incidents. In Virginia reckless driving and other traffic violations are considered very serious crimes and are dealt with severely. The Virginia court of law awards penalties that are almost equivalent to that for assault and battery and drug possessions.

According to, in order to be free of a reckless driving charge, an individual needs to retain the services of an experienced traffic court lawyer with a high success rate. The website further recommends the SRIS Law Group as the best law firm in Virginia who offers sound legal counsel to individuals charged with reckless driving. If sources are to be believed, the firm has successfully defended all reckless driving cases till date and clients have no complaints against them.  For more information please go to

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