Freight Association Stresses Need of Safely Loaded Cargo for Haulage Contracts

26 Mar

The British Freight Association has once again come on record to stress the importance of giving drivers working road haulage contracts training about how to safely load and store cargo.

This is to prevent the high rate of accidents that continue to occur across the United Kingdom as a result of improperly packaged cargo. Despite the stringent and aggressive rules and regulations for Health and Safety in the country, many hauliers are still relatively ignorant of the correct procedures when storing cargo, resulting in a high volume of loads falling off trucks and causing accidents.

This ignorance of the rules eventually seeps through to the international panorama as well, with British hauliers recently being penalised by international road safety laws purely due to not being aware of them. The BIFA has received a number of complaints regarding British truck drivers working international haulage contracts being stopped on European roads and motorways because of improper loading practices.

This is why the Association, representatives of which regularly sit in on a UK Health and Safety committee, has once again stressed the need for drivers working haulage contracts to be educated on how to properly package loads in the back of their vehicles to avoid accidents. The fact that the haulage industry has the third highest rate of accidents out of any professional field in the UK is a definite concern for representatives of the Association, and this sort of advice seeks to repair the situation and make the industry safer for both drivers and those who have to interact with them.

So far, the BIFA has considered the International Guidelines For Safe Load Securing For Road Transport, written and issued by the International Road Transport Union’s Internal Commission on Technical Affairs, to be a good starting point. However, further initiatives are deemed necessary by this organisation, in order to make the highest possible number of road hauliers aware of the correct guidelines.

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