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UK based kids entertainer Froggle has company named for him

London, United Kingdom, October 25th, 2010 ““ UK based kids entertainer Froggle the clown has proved so popular he’s had a whole company built to support him! The company, Froggle parties (http://www.froggleparties.com) has been enjoying stellar inception success as the name of children’s favourite entertainer provides replicas of his legendary parties to ecstatic children across the country.

Froggle’s parties are high energy, high octane affairs that use magic, bubbles, discos and crazy games to get kids really in the mood for a good time. His best successes as a kids entertainer have all been based on his ability to read the mood of his crowd ““ kids that have energy to spare get a full systems go entertainment experience right from the outset, while children who seem less reluctant to warm up quickly are treated to an entrancing magic show before a series of jokes and bubble tricks get them going.

Parents love Froggle, too ““ because by the time he’s done with a party the children attending are just tired enough to go home happy, without being grouchy. No wonder the man has been such a success! Now his company allows parties across the land to replicate his recipe for success ““ with individually hand picked entertainers trained to follow Froggle’s brilliant routines wherever they go.

Parents of children who book the new kids entertainer packages are uniformly ecstatic with their results: happy kids, easy parties and plenty of fun and gifts for everyone. Froggle parties are booked bespoke or as packages ““ with per item prices for things like party bags and gifts. Because every Froggle show is played to the responses of the audience, no two are the same ““ and that means that kids who enjoyed one at a friend’s birthday can have a show all of their very own without risking duplication.

About Froggle Parties
Froggle Parties is a UK based supplier of top quality kids entertainer shows. They provide full on party entertainment to children with a wide range of activities, games, face painting and magic shows in the list of performances.

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Telephone: 08450 504 509
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